Our research questions are simple. How are the species of the Baraboo Hills responding to climate change? How can we, as members of this natural community, understand and promote ecosystem health?

Our research is grounded in observations of natural history. We believe that a small team of people with simple field equipment and a sense of curiosity is one of the most important tools for conservation. We are interested in species inventories at sites across the Baraboo Hills, and monitoring long-term changes in populations, phenology, and distribution of several key taxa.

We work at a variety of sites on public and private land across the Baraboo Hills, conducting surveys to assess species diversity and work with landowners on developing management practices for ecosystem health. If you are interested in having your property be included in our monitoring work, we’d love to hear to from you.

Additionally, at four intensive study sites, we are collecting data on plant and insect phenology, and bird demographic patterns. These sites are located on Nature Conservancy land in the south range of the Baraboo Hills.

Our long-term monitoring work is designed to be enhanced by collaborations and visiting scientists. We are open to working with field researchers who will contribute to our data collection and build off of our research questions with their own expertise. We believe that the more people have access to data, the more likely we are to discern patterns and relationships. Check out our individual research pages for information about our surveys, and contact us if you would like to learn more about our datasets.

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