Our Team

Maia Persche

she / her / hers

Maia Persche is a field biologist interested in studying the effectiveness of biodiversity conservation strategies. Most of her research relates to avian ecology and she has been a bird bander (ringer) since 2016, working in the southern Appalachian Mountains, Ecuador, Argentina, and the Midwestern USA. She is a PhD student in the SILVIS Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and her research is centered on the response of biodiversity to woodland habitat restoration. https://silvis.forest.wisc.edu/staff/maia-persche/

Jenn Schneiderman

she / her / hers

Jenn Schneiderman specializes in raptor ecology and long-term population studies. Her Masters’ research focused on Bald Eagle and Osprey populations in the United States and how their habitat associations changed during their 40 year population increase.

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