Baraboo Hills Research Collective

Ecological Research. Natural History. Social Change.

We each belong to this moment in history. To this time when the world is changing rapidly and the ecologies of the places where we live are in flux. In landscapes around us, natural communities and relationships between species are responding. Understanding this changing ecology will make us more effective conservationists and better equipped to practice land management.

Although the environmental crisis means that in many ways we are reacting and responding, the Baraboo Hills Research Collective is also rooted in a curiosity and a deep appreciation of natural history. We are place-based, in that our research questions arise from observations of the species around us, and that our hope is to improve the health of the landscape we belong to.

We are committed to generating and curating a long-term ecological dataset encompassing several trophic levels and taxa, and exploring collaborations with other scientists, conservationists, and thinkers. Our Research pages offer an overview of our work and core datasets, and we encourage you to reach out with questions and ideas on our Contact page.