Insect Diversity + Abundance

We thrive thanks to insect life, no matter where we are in the world. For something so foundational to the forest community, there is much to be learned, and we are eager to see how insect diversity and abundance changes – over time, between habitats, throughout a season. Using a combination of pitfall traps, foliage surveys, and aerial traps, we seek to better understand the insect community of the Baraboo Hills.

We are contributing data to Firefly Watch, a community science project started by Massachusetts Audubon, to study firefly diversity and populations at several sites in the Baraboo Hills. We’d love your help expanding our monitoring network! Firefly species are facing declines, and not much is known about midwestern populations.

We are working with Caterpillars Count!

Citizen science is transforming the way that we learn about ecology, and we are excited to join a continent-wide effort to monitor caterpillars and other leaf-dwelling invertebrates.

Send us a message and learn how you can get involved!

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